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The Piece

Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to “Seaweed”. my ode to the tranquility of the sea. This 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas expresses what I had hoped it was. An easy to digest abstract of the sea. It has all the elements I was hoping it would have. The color is light and playful as the area where seaweed is found could be. It has several shades of green, just like seaweed, it almost seems to float in the water, just like seaweed would. This painting even has gray to represent those murkier areas. The shimmer from the underwater leaves can be seen reflected in the silver streaks you can find running along parts of the seaweed.

The Concept

I was unsure of what direction this painting was going to take. That in itself is special. The normal plan is to have a well thought out plan as to what I am going to paint in this instance. This plan is going to first focus on the pleasurable part. With that, I grabbed my most professional brush and dove in. Devoted to making sure this piece would be an abstract that was fun to make, I let the piece decide the flow, as it seemed. Consequently, these perfect strands of green appeared, when I began just playing with the paint. This action decided the strands must continue and I playfully put them in. After some strokes I noticed how much it looked like seaweed and began to tailor the piece to fit

The hope

Seaweed became an ode to the sea at the point I noticed the leaves. It was apparent. I began thinking about the sea and added elements the sea would have without describing the seaweed altogether for you. Grabbing the raw elements and allowing them to develop into the image we have here. This piece has the tranquility of plants, the colors of plants, the calm of the ocean, the colors of the sea, and even the lights and darks of seaweed. Here I had the chance to help develop that massage parlor , or spa room. This is that completing piece for your guest’s bedroom. If you have a sea themed room, this would fit right in. Plants everywhere in your house. This would fit right in.

Additional information

Dimensions16 × .75 × 20 in
Painting Size

16" x 20"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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