Forest In Blue #1


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Its a forest in blue

Even if it isn’t your favorite color, this little ditty brings home the beauty of blue to you. Here we have Forest in Blue 1. It’s making its way to bring you the tone we all know. This blue forest depiction allows for you to get lost in it without making you do too much visual work. The traditional trappings of each leaf being deciphered is challenged here. The work allows you to define the forest for yourself while still giving you the details you need to understand what it is. 


A blue forest, for you

As if my personal preference for the color almost takes over here. I couldn’t help but really bring something together that was going to use the heck out of the color. That is where this mischief started. Of course there are plenty of descriptive elements here to define what it is, but not too much. I wanted that ambiguity. I also knew that to capture that I needed to be dramatic in the foreground. That is where the black stand of trees enters. A likely way to make you rush visually past and into the forests beyond. 

Beyond Blue #1 

Here is the opportunity for those that love blue to really relish in it. This would fit so well in a room of blue already. If blue is an accent, this would be a great addition. Any room that is complementary to blue would love this piece. Allow for the blueness of it all to take your attention for enough time to cool you down and relax your mental stress. Get your relaxing Forest in blue #1 today.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions18 × .15 × 14 in
Painting Size

14" x 18"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Canvas Board


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