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Intro to Bubbles

Allow me to introduce you to my acrylic painting Bubbles. A fun experience into the world of color. I am always going right for the green, it was about time I found the rest of the pallet. Here I did just that. A fun collection of color as a ribbon going from top to bottom of my canvass. It was fun to make and really radiates creativity and a sense of happiness. I want this piece’s happiness to find you. I give it lots of fun to draw you nearer. 


Process of creation 

This is my creative energy unlocked. No holds barred. Sometimes I just go with it and try to forget myself in art. Like Pablo Picasso said, “The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.” This is where I can lose all that sense I have built up rendering more defined images. Abstracts like this one unlock my imagination and allow for me to explore the art as an experience rather than as a dialogue. I am able to invite a bold sense of creativity into my abstracts that I do not get away with in my other paintings. I am very happy to live inside definition when doing other types of fine art paintings, but without restriction to the know or unknown, I get to go on a mental adventure. 



What I hope to inspire from this painting is a renewed sense of fun in your mind and heart. I’ve had several people exclaim that this piece was drawing them in and that they loved looking at it. I hope you feel the same. With the blue vibrant center and playful bubbles floating about, I would hope that you would find yourself carried away and happy. If there were a painting that could capture a room, any room, with it’s color, I think Bubbles is it. Please enjoy your visual playground in Bubbles. Let your good sense go. 

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Dimensions14 × .25 × 18 in
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14" x 18"


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