A Mountain Range


An acrylic on canvas depiction of a beach scene and mountian ranges behind it.

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A walk in a mountain range

As if you had just driven thirty minutes to a nearby state park, locked your car and got ready for a walk. Then went on this long 20 minute journey through the grasslands and foothills of the area, so much natural beauty. You reach the top and feel elated to have accomplished such a long journey. Satisfied you reach to take a drink of your canteen, but what is this? You hav eno canteen and must have left it back at the start. After all of that, you come around a corner and witness the scene you see before you. You know you heard water three minutes ago, and now you feel the mist in your nose and the dew on your face. That is what A Mountain Range feels like.

You made it

You don’t have to spend a minute at the gas station. No need to drive forever or hike up a  mountain or down a ravine. All you have to do is gaze at this painting and be inspired. I wanted an image that would make you feel the joy and connection with this scene without you needing to go through the trouble. In A mountain range, I think I got as close as I ever have been to a life-like nature scene. I have started to really see how to bring those elements to your eye. The elements that make you feel like you just finished a long hike and discovered this view; without need to go through all of the physical exertion.

Can you see it?

What I hope to inspire from this piece is the connection between your love of nature with the love of art. That piece of art must have elements to make it relatable to you. In this piece, I have used my talents to do just that. I worked on making sure if you looked at the water, you caught the feel of what was going on. I wanted to make sure that you saw the reflections and the ripples. This is my chance to help you not go through all of the work to get to your mountain retreat. This piece is an attempt to connect you with nature, wherever you decide to hang it.

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16" x 20"

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