Gothic tree of life


 A dramatic darker version of the well known tree of life.

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Introduction of Gothic Tree of Life

I want every gothic punk in the world to know my upbringing was dripping with gothic punk. European Mr. Bogey’s style of Old school gothic punk. Here I was able to bring that to the forefront of my art. Allow me to introduce to you Gothic Tree of Life. A piece of acrylic art remaining true to the fact that all of this is a cycle, the tree of life. A blend of the realization of life and the dark lens in which we goths view it. 



I knew I wanted to capture the same magic the Green man had. Here was my chance to do as much capturing as I can. It was my personal challenge to bring that Celtic feeling into a piece primarily set for the more gothic of us. Black and white were my go to colors to achieve this. You can see the combo pack making this tree of life a “cirque de gothica”. Drama from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Exactly what I meant for the brush to do. 


What I hope to inspire

I suppose a long look at the cycle of life with a bit of darkness to help focus it. I wanted to inspire the same feelings that I get when looking at art in a more gothic mindset. Something that brings me energy and darkness at the same time. I wanted it to bring your eye in and keep it swirling around as you try to capture everything. Make it alive, like life. Glowing , like life, and dark like life can be. Here is an opportunity to hang that darker tree of life, in your Batcave or gothic living room, and know it fits right in. 

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8" x 10"


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