Week one 2023 with Simon DeVille

This week with Simon DeVille

Happy New Year everyone! Love how smoothly the transition was. How nice a year’s end. Got to even kiss a pretty girl at midnight. Now I look forward to this year with simondeville.com, as it is filling up already. I am expecting a YouTube interview, a PBS interview, and I also hang my art in another theater. All before the first week of work even gets started things are lining up for the new year. This week in studio time, I plan to pack it full of mobile studio moderations and art photography. Preparing for this year’s activity. Every piece of artwork is together right now, well what is not homed, otherwise we have it all now. I can attend to the needs of the inventory; as well as get a better snapshots! I hope you are ready for 2023. It’s looking pretty busy for your favorite traveling artist. I look forward to what this fun adventure brings next!

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