The Yokes Show


Simon DeVille as a mobile artist has been born. After the show at Yokes, I sit and reflect on my first ever gallery showing of my very own artwork. All in one place. How proud I have been to speak to strangers about what I have been doing. Thanks to my wife Nicolette’s urging, I began this journey of painting almost three years ago. So many people have directly invested into the possibilities my artistic journey has created. By painting live, I am able to see how enthusiastic people are about my art. Encouraging me to keep going, telling me how amazing my paintings are; so many compliments. Painting live at Yokes has given me such a feeling of joy and encouragement. I was seeing people watch over my shoulder and lean in, showing curiosity. Art is such a wonderful communication tool for me.

Yokes Pack and Save

I had the customers of the Yokes grocery store telling me about family members who paint. Some of the customers would crack jokes with me. I would get the religiously minded, art lovers, and everyone in between asking me if I had painted Bigfoot. It really was “anything goes”. The atmosphere was light and fun. There were a lot of happy customers learning my name. I have lots of work to do in that area. “Getting the word out”, is how my mother describes it. I have a lot of “getting the word out” to do. I have only just begun. This show was a huge opportunity for me to learn so much. 

The opportunity finder

I appreciate Denny Carmen for finding the spot at Yokes on Indian Trail seven years ago. His constant and unwavering support of all artists in the community. I feel honored that he allowed me access to such a great opportunity. Thank you Denny! If I could share anything with the next artist, it would be to make sure to paint live. When I was there painting live, I made a sale, acquired a commission, and handed out lots of business cards. I was making sure my name started “getting out there”. The store manager considers it a good thing. He called it, “Live theater”; brilliant. The store is supportive and if you need anything, their deli is right there. I can tell you the food is great. There was little I could say in the way of my 1st show that isn’t thankful. 

What is next

I look forward to the Blue Door Theater, where I will be showing next. There, I will be having a selection of my works show from November through December. During this time, I will be rotating these pieces out intermittently. I learned that speaking directly with people is best. So, the other works I will be taking with me around the area. Stopping in at consignment stores, furniture stores, real estate agencies and antique dealers. Dropping in at doctors offices. Seeing who out there is needing some of my art. Thanks to the support we have had, we were able to see what we needed to do next. I know is going to be well known for fine art paintings in no time.

The Goods

This is the first time we have had a tangible product to sell, with paintings. A product with a history of sales, both in person and online. Now we just need to “get the word out” about Simon DeVille art. Thanks to sponsors, Denny Carmen, and Yoke’s Pack and Save; we have touched many lives with art. Keep an eye out, as we are mobile now! Let us know if there is a spot you know of for me to paint live. Even coming to your house and painting live for you privately! Having fallen in love with sharing the process. I am thankful I got this chance. It means the world to your favorite mobile artist. Thanks for sticking with me. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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