Plein Air Painting

Scouting out locations

I’ve been scouting out locations to paint and the locations are as varied as my desires. My aim is to paint where I can see a bunch of people such as: A Yokes grocery store entryway, or out in the woods on a trail. This is my attempt to open myself up to a huge variety of opportunities in order to assist my in-person-painting career in taking off. I have been learning how to reach as many people as I can with my art and this pdf guide to outdoor painting really helped. It really opened my eyes to the many different styles of outdoor art, including one style that really stuck out: Plein Air Painting.

Learning new terms

There isn’t much to Plein Air Painting really. It doesn’t involve anything too wild and seems to really build on my current talents. It’s an old term for taking your equipment out into the world, and setting up your studio there. The challenge for me is to paint what I am looking at live and ever changing. The main change is that instead of painting off of a digital or printed image or something from my imagination, I am going to be painting live scenes in nature. It’s a challenge that I am thinking will enhance my skills considerably and help me grow as an artist; or it might let me know that I am an in-studio artist. Either way I am ready for this challenge, which will define my growth and journey  as an artist. 

The supply list

Starting out with an easel is probably the best thing I could do. Following the advice I was recently given by the illustrious LR Montgomery, I should just find a nice little area and make myself comfortable, somewhere like the Centennial Trail or Mica Hills hiking areas. He taught me that the art I create is usually very welcomed by hikers as they are out and about. I learned a great deal about how little to take with me and what spots to look for to set up my easel. I am most excited that I will be able to engage with the people that enjoy art as I create it. 

Waiting for the weather

As the temperature rises about 50 degrees, I am able to find more remote locations. However, while the air is still cool, the best thing for me is the grocery market or better yet, a gallery. Fortunately, I was invited to paint at the Chrysalis Gallery, here in Spokane this last weekend. Where I learned about Plein
Air Painting for the first time. Of Course I fell in love with the whole concept and I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can try it out. I really enjoyed painting at Chrysalis last weekend. Not only was Nicolette by my side, but my baby sister Katrina showed up to surprise me. An education of Plein air painting and a new understanding of my trade.

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