Acrylic paint, my chosen medium

Current History

Of course there are things one does not want to forget about our collective art history. The great artists and many artists that came before them. There is much to be said about their worlds, I am however in a much smaller world right now. As I challenge my art, I look for inspiration in everyone else’s art. I have much admiration for artists like Anette Lusher who is local and current. So currently her stuff was on exhibit from July 1 until Aug 31, of this year at Chrysalis. She shows me how to take form and blur the lines, making me focus on the color of her work. Losing the idea of landscapes as a form and defined idea, but rather expanding that and molding into color and texture. It’s important to be aware of what is going on. You might find contemporaries locally that you can learn from. 

Finding your medium 

Like me you may also find inspiration from other local artists like Ezekiel Schmitt. Where his work almost has a Salvidor Dali feel, but with a style all his own. I learn how I can blend two very different styles together. His ideas are most definitely surreal and inventive. I lose myself in his use of landscape to define the idea. Whether it be a special landscape or a more traditional one. I appreciate seeing other people’s work and watching what they do. What mediums they use and what results they get from those mediums. I know several different mediums are good to have as a tool box, watching other people’s work gives me ideas on my own. 

When you know, you just know

After you find your medium and you have established or challenged your style, you may find a new medium may be the right direction for you to go. I found the medium that suites my needs the best is acrylic paint. It allows me to mimic the classic painters without all of the burdens associated with oils and heavy cleaners. Acrylic paint is already non toxic and clear of scent. It really is easy to clean up after and it can bring some beautiful pieces to life. I have found acrylic paint like Master’s Touch or Mont Marte fits my needs on several levels. All of my art is created using acrylic paint, you can see them all at my gallery.

Best practices

It really is up to you. Some people must float from medium to medium to achieve satisfaction in their art. Some prefer to show different ideas with different mediums, whatever the best practice is for you, I know that once you find what one fits you best, you will know. Best practices? Go with what your creative mind says. That is where you will find your gold. Whatever you hope to achieve with art can be found by what you do while making art. What you make and how you present it can be your gold. 

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