My Logo Designs

Learning early

Always being surrounded by art it has become a very integral part of my life. Having spent many years watching my mother market her skills to the general public, I learned quickly how to market a business or a concept. The biggest lesson I have learned was how to use art to encapsulate that concept. To make a logo come alive for a business and have them say “that represents us!”

Limited Education on logos

Some of my art experience comes from Cornish College of the arts. I was surprised at how quickly they accepted my interior design portfolio and application. The instant I began attending Cornish, I was immersed in many forms of art, one of those being graphic design. I did feel tempted to cross over and change my major to graphic design, but designing interiors was my passion. Logo work has continually been a fascination for me. I have even managed to create logos for people while I create my paintings.

The concept of design

It’s important in graphic design to keep the concept in mind while you create. You want the design to match that concept and display it for the world to see. Creating a logo is just as important to the art in the world as the most creative of paintings. Fortunately I am art-try-joystrous, I’ll try anything artistically if it brings me joy. I have tried creating pots, painted murals, designed logos, and painted paintings. Trying new artforms is so much fun and always a new adventure.

What a logo can do

Logo work is important to a business’s image as it defines your message in one glance. A logo will tell you if the business is serious or light hearted. It is the public’s first opportunity to see the company’s message within a few seconds. Colors and font all matter and I have a grasp on what it means to create a logo that follows a brand. I have the innovative mind to help others through this process as well. I am an artist who can employ my professional training and natural sense of design in order to turn your business concept into a representative logo design. You can order a custom logo with me anytime. I always put my heart and passion into all of my art and a logo is no exception.

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