Simon DeVille’s art as an investment

The Inspiration

As I break into my creative destiny, I want to stop and thank those that have brought me to this point. With verbal support, patronage of my art, and constantly sharing my work…


There are moments that are exciting for every artist, and now is one for me. My confidence in creating my art is being bolstered constantly. As my skills increase, and my paintings become more sought after, I can assure those who already possess a Simon DeVille original painting, will be thankful that they joined my journey early.

My drive and determination

For those that have started showing support and encouragement early for my artwork. I can’t thank you enough. Any good collector will tell you that artwork is an investment and when bought early, will hold ever increasing value; as demonstrated in this article. I am not creating my paintings to just sell art, I also strive to create beautiful artwork for you to enjoy and desire.  Anyone that has been in a working environment with me knows I will keep working till the goal is met. I bring that same drive to my artwork.


My goal is to develop into an acclaimed acrylic fine artist; to have a brand that is recognized for its exquisite landscapes and unique abstract art. I am going to develop a name brand of painting that will pay off for those that invested early. As I grow my brand, my works will begin to be commonly priced in the hundreds. And as my skill level increases, so will the value of my artwork. This sale is your chance to own that art before I make it big.

The motivational moment

When my wife and I were walking around Seattle, we came upon a gallery owned by an artist. As I stood in front of that store for a hawt minute, looking at his price points of $25,000 a painting, I soaked up my future professional goals. I intend on making artwork that millionaires will desire, that sells on the streets of Paris, New York, and Seattle and that will be enthusiastically collected and loved. 

The cornerstones

Live paint entertainment is one of my cornerstones, as my success begins by bringing my art to the common shopper. As a mobile paint entertainer, the culture and romance of my art is brought right to your door. I want that accessibility for my art. How often have you seen someone painting live in public? Very few ever do. I found I am able to do that. It’s my way to become the well known artist I intend on becoming. Now is your chance to get in early.

The investment

Imagine those that have a Bob Ross early original right now. Surely these investors are pretty happy now. Take a look at my work again and pick something out, because you will not see this type of price point for long. My gratitude for your support by purchasing a painting, will be reborn into greater skill and more dynamic paintings that will continue to touch the hearts of those they were meant for. 

My mind is set, I am moving forward. This is the time to become a Simon DeVille art supporter and invest in our future. Call 509.514.5986 to buy into my gallery of works today!

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  1. Thank you so much, Simon, for creating and sharing this inspirational blog!!! I am so happy I have my one and only Simon Deville’s Lion Heart!!!! This custom piece carries so much value to me already!!!! Thank you for creating and sharing your gifts with the world! It’s a better place because of you!

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