Let’s Hang Paintings

Special Moments

While looking for places to hang my art I have been met with many special moments that stick in my memory. One such moment is when I was told one of my pieces I personally was not very fond of, was absolutely loved by a gallery buyer. You never know what an interested party will say. I have also had moments of contacting a potential showing area several times and have not heard back. In that case I bring the art to them and I tend to get welcomed when they see my art. The one thing that stands true is that they are all excited to talk about art, especially what they love to see. 

Look Everywhere for places to hang your paintings

If I have learned anything, it is to say something whenever possible and to whomever possible to get your art out there. While walking through stores and seeing spots you could hang art, don’t forget to speak up. Talk to the manager and discuss the idea of being able to hang your artwork in a public forum. That is the greatest way of getting started. I found that when I open my mouth, the chance of something happening goes dramatically up. This applies in the field of art as well. Anytime that I can change an opportunity for my art to hang on a wall, I will ask. I have stopped at several antique dealers with only cards and have shown up with arms full of art. The best way to contact an art dealer is to contact them first. If they don’t answer, show up with painting in hand! 

You can hang paintings anywhere!

There is an opportunity to show your work off anywhere and everywhere. Some cities are more artistically minded than others and it can be very easy to show art. Some have programs like the city I currently reside in, Spokane Valley Washington. Spokane has a community effort to increase art and as such there are two monthly art shows that occur in Spokane, First Friday and Second Saturday. Local art events can be a great way to get your name and art into the general public. I am currently fortunate to hang my work in a local live theater by the name of Stage Left theater. My artwork has had the pleasure of hanging in grocery stores as well, like Yoke’s. No matter where I go or what I end up doing, I am always looking for opportunities to hang my artwork. 

Criticism is hard sometimes

When you get turned down, try not to hear it negatively. Listen to the points being made and see if there is a justifiable reason for that comment or statement. If the buyer comes across as anything but kind, remember, they are just one person. There have been paintings that have been hated by many and still been loved by someone. I will never stop learning about painting, so I feel I should meet each criticism with some curiosity as to how I could surpass that obstacle too. My end game is to have my acrylic paintings pass for an oil. I want to use acrylic like it has never been used. For me to do that, I have to hear why my art isn’t yet where I want it. If someone says something that could make you better, why not try to openly learn from that? 

That’s why I hang paintings everywhere

Art is why you struggle and look for places to hang. Asking about hanging your art and calling to get the ball rolling. You do that because you want to make something of your artwork and I, for one, get it. There is space for your art in the work but You have to make it happen. It is not just gonna happen. You have to get active and make a difference right where you are to start. Wait no longer, make the move and ask the questions. It may not get the result you are looking for, but it will get you started. Placing that first call is where it all begins.

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