This is an acrylic on canvas of a friendly little gargoyle with wings climbing over a wall.

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Bucky is ready for action

Action packed and ready to liven up any room, Bucky has a fresh face to help any interior space needing the right gargoyle. This small painting is what every gargoyle fan wants. Happy and ready to perch on that wall. His wings are open and ready as well. Bucky the gargoyle is ready for you. As with any Gargoyle, his job is to ward off evil spirits, and boy he does his job well. As soon as you lock on to his eye and see how alive he is, you can’t help but notice the huge full blown smile. What is the 1st thing he does, make you smile?

The journey

As I progress in my artful journey, I want to make sure that I find my favorite topics and enjoy creating them. Bucky the gargoyle helps me do just that. I wanted simondeville.com to have a happy defender in amongst its ranks and that name fits that bill perfectly. He helped me exercise that demon of art and get him onto a canvas right away. I was able to focus on the stone and how it would reflect the action Bucky was showing. He assisted in my understanding of the undercarriage, as well as how to make his wings active.

Doing what Bucky does

I certainly hope you find Bucky helps you ward off negativity and evil spirits. I wish I had wall space for him at home, but he needs a fun entry alcove or small transitional space to protect in someone else’s home. This little guy has all the things you want in a gargoyle painting, from the active warding off of negativity to the action of getting right to work and jumping on his wall. Please enjoy my painting Bucky.


Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions10 × 0.25 × 8 in
Painting Size

8" x 10"

Painting Medium


Painting Surface

Stretched Cotton Canvas


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