A Rock and a Ray


A beaming example of a slightly cloud covered sun low on the horizon. A wonderful reflective body of water is painted below on this acrylic painting created by Simon DeVille.

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As the breaking clouds reveal

If there is anything to be loved, a ray of sunshine is one of them for sure. A Rock and a Ray should help you to see the sunshine on a cloudy day. This painting is a great reminder that even though the clouds may cover up the sun, soon the rays will shine through the clouds. My painting Outlook is a great example of how rays break through clouds and light up the world.

To brighten our lives

The urge for me to create a piece of art goes hand in hand with my desire to find positive inspiration in life. I try to pick themes to paint that articulate the positive as much as I can. The idea of a scene out in nature to draw that positive energy from has me painting with joy.  As I was painting this piece I noticed the clouds did a sufficient job of describing the sun. I had even painted the ball of light correctly in the natural scene, but still something was missing. Then I remembered the fun I had with A Moment in the Sunlight and the new technique I used to make the rays more transparent. It was clear to me then, that I could use the same technique on this painting. The rays really give a rounded look to the whole painting. 

A rock and a ray of light

Adding the rays really helped to bring the piece to life. I noticed that the foreground was very uniform and grassy. The obvious choice was to add a rock in order to ground the painting. A Rock and a Ray is the perfect way to enhance your environment. Its rays and the general beauty of the scene fill the room with a sense of wonder. With the golden clouds above and shimmering water below, you really can’t go wrong placing this gem. I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I did when creating it.

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Dimensions14 × .15 × 18 in
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14" x 18"

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Canvas Board


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