A river runs through it


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The size of it

Please enjoy this little rendering of a river running through the woods here in A River Runs Through It. I wanted an intimate look at a landscape, I think I found it in this piece. The woods disappear around the corner and the river flows over the front and down the bottom of the canvas. All of these elements create the look I was going for. You can almost hear the trickle from the stream nearby. The new way for me to work is in a small area. This is only 9 inches across and 3 inches tall, so it was a much smaller place for me to render. 

The feel of it

Here it was, such a small space to do my work yet I felt more responsibility to deliver what I wanted to with A River Runs Through It. I got an immediate sense of how intimate it was by the size alone, so that was almost a great “leg up” on my project. I discovered that I was able to bring more color out after the fact with gloss protectant sealant. As I protect all my paintings. I also fix them if they get damaged. These are my handcrafted labor. So to find one that already conveyed what I wanted before I even got started, was amazing. I wanted it to be active, so I added the river for action. The trees and landscaping all followed the river, just like in nature.

The look of it

Here is your chance to use my skills to your advantage. It looks like A River Runs Through It can make you happier. It has action, intimacy, and visual beauty to it. All packed in an itsy, bitsy, tiny living space. Ready to help pop out and help you find your peace of mind. Let this little gem brighten up any environment for you and let yourself catch a break. Here is your chance to have it all in a 9 x 3 acrylic on stretched canvas.

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9" x 3"


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