The choice

Nothing worth doing comes easily. No matter what you choose to do, you will always come to a wall, a fork in the road, or a total roadblock. You are then faced with a decision. Adapting to the current situation and overcoming the obstacles or to disengage and release yourself from responsibility. I choose to accept change and find ways to overcome those obstacles. Nothing in the universe is quite as consistent as change. The changes to my life have brought me to a place where I can create art and at the same time create a positive reason for others to enjoy living. Art helps us to appreciate the good things in life. So I am passionate about creating art to bring joy to others.

The process of adapting

In order to be prepared for anything, I am constantly thinking of what I will need for my next Plein Air paint session. At first my preparation was extreme and heavy. Handfuls of brushes and colors would end up in my back to go with me to paint. Then upon arriving and starting I would find I didn’t need a majority of what I would bring with me. It was part of my adapting to change. I started to bring less brushes and colors as I didn’t need them. Now I bring the right amount of tools and colors to bring with me. This seems to be part of my process of becoming an artist. Since my backpack has now lightened, I have begun to enjoy the hike and the open air of painting outdoors and it’s given me a new appreciation for Plein Air painting.

The exploration

Adapting to others’ scrutiny in the choices I make as an artist is another obstacle I have faced. There have been several instances where my art has been met with scrutiny. Anytime I go to an event, use social media I am forced to face potential scrutiny and criticism. Sometimes my art gets me positive reactions like my most recent interview on KPBX. My art has me being invited to hang in the Stage left theater, and the art on Monroe show. My way of adapting has been to have a positive attitude, no matter the type of scrutiny, and meet the challenge head on. With this “meet the opportunity head on” attitude, I developed a continual sense of wonder and an attitude to embrace change.

The result

I crave the moment when another human clutches one of my paintings. The joy I see in their faces makes me feel accomplished and successful as an artist. The result I had hoped for then takes life. I know it sounds small in the big topic of overcoming life’s hurdles, but to just boil everything down to a moment; but that is my hope. My goal is to adapt to the moment and gain opportunities of growth as an artist. That will allow me to bring happiness to others. Have my paintings brought happiness to you?

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